Getting ready for Episode 2

I’m preparing my show notes and whatnot for Episode 2. All the great feedback I received last week really has me motivated for this next installation, of course, but I’d like to get some input on what sorts of things you’d suggest for this second episode.

We won’t get an official Chronicle from CCP this week. However, maybe you’ve found some really stellar player-written fiction or want me to talk about a particular aspect of the background? Has something really cool happened with the Tweet Fleet or EVE blogs? Or anything else I should think about changing?

Let me know and I’ll try to incorporate what I can.


6 Responses to “Getting ready for Episode 2”

  1. mark726 Says:

    I’ve been following Kirith Kodachi’s Interludes with a lot of interest. Three articles on various political or military aspects of EVE, as if they were taken out of textbooks or treatises. I’ve been really enjoying them, and they might make for some good discussion.

  2. Good idea, I’ll find a way to work those in.

  3. Wonderful show. The Eve fiction is missing in podcasts.

    Though, I was wondering, if you write fiction yourself – would you be able to create a short story on air?

    Kind of like reading 1 page from a book. Just enough for ” Tune in neek week. Same bat time. Same bat channel. ”


  4. Ah, like a serialized, episodic drama? That’s an awesome idea, I need to chew on that a bit.

  5. Will this be a bi-weekly show?

  6. Chigy Says:

    Get back to it

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